Watercolour Restoration Services

Our services include cleaning, repair, restoration and conservation of maps, charts, prints, watercolours, etching, engraving, lithographs, pastel drawings and posters.

Delamination .... Removal of brittle and acidic cardboard backings which may have been glued or pasted to the art work , often utilizing Enzyme solutions.

Deacidification ....Removal of harmful acidity from art on paper wherever possible, and buffering with an alkaline reserve.

Cleaning .... Surface dirt removal by dry methods, and aqueous treatments using the mildest bleaching agents appropriate to the degree of "foxing" or general discolouration. Removal of varnishes is often possible.

Fumigation .... Fumigation within a vapour box to kill active mould spores. Repair and Retouching .... Mending and retouching to disguise tears and missing areas, often using liquid paper pulp for infilling.

Facsimile work .... to conceal the visual impact of damages.

Mounting Down .... When appropriate, fragile or wrinkled paper can be pasted onto a light Japanese paper, or a thicker acid free paper, or light 100% rag museum board if necessary. Also paper inlays by the French technique can be done.

Linen Backing .... Archival backing for posters and larger old maps.

Fire Damage .... Moderate scorch discolouration caused by fire can often be reduced. Documentation .... If requested in advance, a copy of the documentation of condition and treatments can be provided for a small extra charge.

Collection Care .... Advice can be given on acid-free mounting and conservation framing for the long term care of valued works of art.

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Watercolour, Print and Map Restoration Services

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