Terms and Conditions


1. These 'Terms and Conditions' state the terms upon which all work is done and advice giving by the Conservator.

2. In the absence of specific instructions from the Customer, the extent of the work carried out by the Conservator in connection with the repair or preservation of any item shall be entirely within the discretion of the Conservator.

Liability of the Conservator:

3. Save in respect of liability for death or personal injury resulting from negligence, the liability of the Conservator in contract or tort for any defective work done or advice given in relation to any item or numbers of items or through inadequate or negligent handling or storage of the item shall not exceed the fee chargeable by the Conservator for the work done or the advice given in relation to it. The Conservator will on request supply the Customer with the information which the Conservator has available to assist the Customer in obtaining insurance against the risk of loss or damage to any item resulting from any work done or advice given

4. All items delivered by the Customer into the possession or control of the Conservator shall remain in the Customer's risk an the Conservator shall not be liable for the loss of damage to any item caused by fire, theft or other accident. The customer is reminded, that if it is intended that an item remain covered against accidental loss or damage, the Customer must make his/her own insurance arrangements.

Time for Completion of Work:

5. The Conservator will complete the work or give the advice within a reasonable time. Any dates given or periods of time quoted are estimates only and are not binding and may be subject to factors which are not apparent at the time the estimate is given.

Right to Sub-contract:

6. Unless previously agreed to the contrary between the Customer and the Conservator, the Conservator may sub-contract the work or arrange for the work to be carried out under his supervision.


7. All invoices shall be settled in full within 30 days of presentation.

Delivery and Lien:

8. The item or items will be returned to the person who delivered them to the Conservator or to any other person who presenting the receipt issued on acceptance of the item or items and the Conservator shall not be liable for the consequences of any such person not being authorised to collect the same.

9. The Conservator may refuse to return any item or items deposited unless payment in full has been made of all debts due to the Conservator. If any charges due to the Conservator in respect of the item or items the subject of this contract have not been paid within one year after becoming due, the Conservator may upon giving the Customer notice of his intention to do so, sell the said item or items by auction and the balance of the proceeds of sale after deducting the costs of the sale shall be applied in satisfaction of all such charges and the balance paid the customer.

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