Fine Art Restoration - Case Studies

With over 40 years experience in the restoration and conservation of fine prints, watercolours, drawings and maps, I provide a comprehensive and reliable service.

I have acquired a reputation for rescuing and conserving valuable works of art on paper, sometimes in very poor condition.

Print Conservator

The "strawboard" backing had got wet and spread spectacular straw coloured staining into the margins.

Print Restorer

Fortunately it was reasonably soluble, so controlled cleaning and water washing completely removed it.

Map cleaning and repair service

Repeated folding had caused this map to start falling apart and then someone had tried to repair it with Sellotape.

Map restoration

It cleaned well and the sections were re-aligned on to an archival paper support.

Film poster restoration - linen backing

Before treatment: A valuable film poster with ink worn away from the weakened fold lines by repeated folding and unfolding. In time the paper will give way along these lines.

Classic Movie poster restored and laid on linen

After de-acidification, linen backing and retouching to disguise the ink loss.

Restore Old Watercolour

Bad framing had caused knot resin to penetrate the paper and also a vertical "burn" line from a gap in the backboard.

Cleaning and restoration of an old watercolour

Altogether a neater stable with the very stubborn stains cleaned effectively. The worm holes were filled with liquid paper pulp and retouched.

Pastel Restoration

A charming pastel portrait, very frail, with most of the damage fortunately confined to the edges. But with an ugly stain on the shoulder.

Restoration of a pastel portrait

Suitable patches were set in and retouched to match. The shoulder stain reduced enough to be unobtrusive.

Restore Old Watercolour

Here there was a tide mark top left, and general time staining caused by light exposure. The covered edges being less affected.

Cleaning and restoration of an old watercolour

The freshness of this bright marine scene was restored by very careful cleaning and under-water washing.

Antique map restoration

Where green watercolour paint containing copper salts had been used, the paper had rotted and in parts crumbled away.

Antique map restorer

Seriously delicate to handle during cleaning and water washing, it looked transformed when pulped paper was used to fill the holes.

Restoration service for watercolours

More examples of the damage done by light and by vertical gaps in the old wooden back boards causing ugly discolouration.

Restoration service antique watercolour

Made presentable again by removing decayed cardboard backing, cleaning and under-water washing.

Restore art on paper

It seems that this watercolour had been "cleaned" by someone who dabbed on household bleach and left it at that.

Restoration of art on paper

Remedial action was taken to restore the original tone of the sky and to wash out any traces of chemical residues.

Pencil drawing conservation

A charming pencil portrait which had probably been left squashed in a drawer for years, with some fox marks.

Drwaing Restoration

Some mild bleaching, fully neutralised, followed by "drumming" on to Japanese paper, got it flat again.

Watercolour painting restoration

Broken glass and dirty water staining had somewhat defaced this watercolour of the M.V. Orion.

Cleaof an old watercolour

After prolonged soaking and selective gentle bleaching treatment it looked presentable again.

Antique print restoration

A lively Colonial period lithograph with tears, scratches and holes, plus some bad water-stain "tide marks". 

Cleaning of an antique print

After water washing and mild bleaching, followed, as always, by hours of washing to remove all chemical residues.

Restore Old Watercolour

Over many years the poor quality card backing caused severe discolouration of the sky etc on this watercolour.

Cleaning and restoration of an old watercolour

Routine treatment de-acidified the paper and restored the original values of the flesh tones and sky.

Watercolour restoration service

A watercolour rendered on cheap, brittle, thin card, with a line of rot from between the old wood back-boards. Fox marked.

Cleaning and restoration an old watercolour

Soaked in enzymes to remove ultra-thin paper from degraded backboard. Mounted on to acid-free rag board, and retouched.

Art on Paper Restoration and Conservation - Case Studies

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